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Together Let’s Communicate Limited offers support, guidance, and intervention to staff and students on communication, social emotional and behaviour management to schools. Aged between 11-18 years. A specialised curriculum has been developed and successfully delivered across Cheshire.

The highly experienced therapist provides a holistic approach to responding to supporting young people with their communication needs, and challenging behaviour. To help and support those working with young people to understand the presenting difficulties by communicating, planning and responding appropriately. The therapist includes support combining various speech and language social emotional behavioural programmes and includes mindfulness, counselling techniques and mentoring.

TLC has provided successful intervention across Cheshire secondary schools and private settings; providing early and targeted support through a student-centred approach, the speech and language therapist aims to remove barriers to learning; help students achieve the most from their education and reduce exclusions and support inclusion, all by supporting the way they communicate and how they receive communication, and perceive and understand themselves.

Benefits of the Intervention:

Students learn strategies that work for them, so that they can learn to self-regulate and communicate their needs or express help required, to reduce conflict.

Students have their individual needs met, helping them to develop their strengths, emotional resilience and independence and be able to communicate these in an appropriate social manner.

Students become better engaged with their learning and can access more of the curriculum.

Students have an increased understanding, confidence, and knowledge, and are better equipped to self-reflect on their social skills, communication and behaviour.

Support with communication, social skills and behaviour reduces the risk of school exclusion and supports inclusion.

The Speech and Language Therapist facilitates the development of positive relationships and partnerships working between schools, families and students, resulting in a consistent approach to communication and behaviour at home and school.

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