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At Together Let's Communicate we run regular training courses for nurseries, schools and other settings.  TLC will come and deliver the training on site.  Training can be personalised to meet the establishments needs.

TLC also work come and deliver assessment and intervention for children on the Special Educational Needs register to support and develop their communication development.

Training courses offered are as follows:

Adult Child Interaction

Adult child interaction therapy is an evidence based treatment, supporting parents, carers and teachers with practical strategies to develop language using everyday life and routines.  Toddlers learn everything from listening to people around them.  Parents are their child's first teachers, and using daily interaction and adapting these is tried and tested to develop communication.


Working with children and families from a diverse community

With over 20 years specialism in this area; our training course gives an insight into the development of bilingualism in children, identifying and assessing a bilingual child.  We identify various assessments and screens to identify a speech, language and communication difficulties.  TLC also offer the correct advice, dispelling myths to support language bilingual language development.

TLC also offer specialist courses for speech and language therapists to understand the requirements to adapt practice to meet the needs of different clients groups distinguished by cultural or language. 

The Communication Pyramid

A child with speech language communication needs (SLCN) requires very specific and consistent support to help them develop effective communication skills and to become an active participant in the classroom.  The courses aims to provide you with specialist skills and knowledge to support children with SLCN in the classroom.  The following areas can be personalised for your nursery training, to be adjusted to half a day to a full day as required.

Supporting children with SLCN in Early Years & School Settings

Attention & Listening Skills

Play & Social Interaction

Vocabulary Development


Information Carrying Words and Blanks Level of Questioning

Sentences and simple stories

Working with children with speech sound difficulties

Working with a child with a stammer

Supporting Secondary Provision

Speech and Language offers support and guidance on communication and behaviour management to schools. The experienced therapist provides a holistic approach to responding to supporting young people with their communication needs, and challenging behaviour. To help and support those working with young people to understand the presenting difficulties by communicating, planning and responding appropriately.


Public Speaker

"It has been great working with Sunita. The specific child that she was working with made progress very quickly and as we continue to use her strategies he continues to develop rapidly.  Sunita's support has been priceless, her skills with the children that she works with directly have inspired the team to really make a difference.  Sunita's staff training is fantastic, she engaged the staff and helped them to truly understand her strategies, in turn making a difference to specific children but also to staff practices with all children in the setting
Dedicated, committed, passionate and an amazing Speech and Language therapist. An inspiration to us all".

Nursery Manager

"Sunita has been a great asset to Bright Little Stars Nursery in providing exceptional independent speech and language therapy for multiple children. Sunita has shared her knowledge, resources and experience with us to develop our Inclusion Team.  On a personal level, Sunita has helped me grow and find my passion for Speech and Language Therapy; given me guidance on how to further develop my career within this area and inspired me to undertake further education".

Nursery Manager

“I got in contact with Sunita to help support me with children who have speech delays at my nursery. She has been nothing but fantastic! She supported, not only me, but my staff team on how to further our children’s development through numerous activities and strategy plans. Sunita really cared for the children and wanted to see them reach their full potential. She was consistent, approachable and attentive and our children came on leaps and bounds all thanks to her constant support".

Inclusion Lead

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