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Testimonials From Our Families


Here are some messages from the lovely families that I have worked with...

Ashley's Mummy

"I have been going to Sunita for nearly two years now, and not only has she helped my little girl she has taught me how to communicate with her.  This has enabled us to understand each other better.  Sunita has not only helped my daughter with her language but also her attention, listening and cognitive skills.  Her process of learning through routine has opened my eyes to a different world, when mothers feel they don't seem to have enough hours in the day.  Sunita's processed makes things more achievable.  There are no words that can describe how much me and my daughter.  I thank you today asnd always.  You truly are our angel".

Avi's Daddy

"Each time we found Sunita extremely informative and supportive.  She explored all relative facets that could influence poor communication (e.g. one pf the factors underlying our son's speech delay was poor attention span), and we were then able to focus on this and explore ways to lengthen his attention span in partnership with us.  We would highly recommend Sunita to other families seeking high quality expert speech and language therapy.  Sunita made every session joyful to interact with my son.  We never would have achieved this without her guidance.  We will be eternally grateful.

Riya's Mummy

"I would highly recommend Sunita.  My four year old daughter has been working with her for 4 months and the difference in her speech and confidence has been incredible.  Sunita's professionalism and enthusiasm meant she was able to immediately build a good rapport and relationship with my daughter, (who is usually very shy and reserved around new people).  She individually tailored each session to my daughter's needs and made each session fun and interactive, so much so that my daughter looked forwatd to going to the sessions each week.  My daughter has made exceptional progress, which is the result of Sunita's dedication, experience and skills.  I would not hestitate to recommend Sunita to anyone requiring speech and language support". 

Dylan's Mummy

"My little one was diagnosed with glue ear which had a massive impact on his speech.  This happened around the time when he was starting to speak, and one can only imagine how worried we were.  I cannot stress how amazing Sunita was and how comfortable she made me and my son feel when she worked with us.  My son asked to visit her daily! I could see gradual improvement after each session.  Sunita really knows her stuff and making my child feel comfortable she worked to improve his speech.  Within a short period of time, he was a confident speaking boy and his speech is extremely clear.  I cannot thank Sunita enough for what she has done for my son and I would not recommned anyone else she is THE BEST!  She is amazing at dealing with children in their early years which is crucial".  

Serena's Mummy

"Sunita has been a source of encouragement to me as I go along the journey with my daughter who is delayed with her speaking. I feel confident that she will speak. Sunita has given me tools to enable me to help my daughter develop her attention span. I have learned how to play with my daughter which wasn't something that came naturally to me. Sunita is very experienced and is passionate about helping children with speech and language difficulties. She is fun in her interactions with my daughter and patient too. I wholeheartedly recommend her services".

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