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Specialist Bilingual Services

Sunita Specialises in working with children and families from diverse communities, to identify if your child has an underlying communication difficulty or is acquiring language within normal limits for a bilingual speaker.


Sunita has developed training packages for Speech and Language Services and Education Establishments to support working with children and families from diverse communities with speech, language and communications needs.


Over 70% of the world's children are bilingual. Bilingualism is the ability to use and understand language to varying degrees of proficiency. A bilingual child has lots of advantages in all areas of development.


Top Tips for Bilingual Language Development in Children

It is important that you continue to use ALL languages introduced to the child.


Do NOT be concerned about mixing different languages in one sentence. This is natural for a bilingual speaker.


The focus should be helping the child feel SUCCESSFUL in giving and receiving a message.


Continue speaking your chosen language/s to your child even if he or she speaks back to you in a different language.


If the child responds the message has been understood. Use short phrases with lots of gesture and facial expression, as well as EXPRESSION in your voice. This will help the child understand the meaning behind the words.


ENCOURAGE your child’s attempts to communicate in either language, giving lots of praise. Use nursery rhymes and stories from ANY culture/language.


Advantages for the bilingual child


Research has shown that bilingual children:


Being able to learn new words easily


Better sound awareness and good at reading


Being able to use information in new ways


Putting words into categories


Coming up with solutions to problems


Good listening skills


Bilingual have increased creativity and thinking skills


Perform better academically


Adept in social situations.


Increased job opportunities


Learning another language easier


High level of neurological processing required to mix the languages.




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